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Militar martial art (not sport) “Muay Boran”. Muaythai means “Thai Boxing”: มวยไทย


  • Samart Payakaroon
  • Buakaw
  • Saenchai
  • Rodtang

There are rules for MuayThai:

  • Don’t knee or kick the opponent while he is on the ground
  • Don’t hit the spine back or the back of the head
  • Don’t bite
  • Dont hit low blow



  • Roger Gracie (mma)
  • Gordon Ryan
  • Andre galvao
  • Dean lister




  • Khabib
  • Conor mcgregow
  • George st-pierre
  • Jon Jones
  • Step Miocic
  • Eddie Alvarez
  • Robbie lawler
  • Magomed ramazanov
  • Islam makhachev
  • Charles oliveira
  • Alexander volskanovski

The Start Here is when I decided to start with Muay Thai, actually I’ve been teached that this is the ideal Martial Art if I want to go next with MMA. So I’ve got inspirations to start with Muay Thai, I mentalized myself. I’m killing my other me, the one that is weak, the one that has insecurities, the one that gives up easily, I want to become a new version of me, a better version, a strong one.

What a perfect timing to get into this Martial Arts world with a Seminar from Carlos Bazan (MMA Fighter).

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