Wu Tang Clan CREAM

📝 Lyrics: C.R.E.A.M. Lyrics

This song is amazing. Most people relates this song to the Capitalism that we live, people suffering and being treated badly just because they are poor or belongs to a lower social class. What I find on this song personally is something more, they talk about being in jail and comparing it the same hell as living outside of jail, real life and jail life are the same hell, conflicts are present on both lives.

That might be a valid thought, maybe life is not easy on jail bot is not easy outside either, you are always fighting and trying to survive from young age. To make it worst, people talks about Capitalism being the root of the problem but the song actually doesn’t blame the system, it is being sang from first person and it talks about trying to win in the life regardless jail or outside by getting a lot of money, race for the money. Yes, it is a person that strongly believes that money will rule out everything and will make us free. So the problem is not the system, is the way we think, the problem is what we learned in our minds, the problem is our thinking. I agree we really have to work hard but not for the system or anyone else, we gotta work hard for ourselves only.