Less is more

Long ago I realized I was trying to do many things at once but I didn’t put a STOP ❌ to that, I kept doing many things at once over and over. I have heard million of times on blog posts, youtube and tiktok videos, books, famouse quotes, chatgpt, etc that we should focus on what is important for us. I already defined what is important for me, I know what is my North I know what is the path and I know how difficult it is, the only pending thing is to execute it like I’m doing it right now, the only thing I need to do is to be CONSISTENT every single and fck1ng day.

CONSISTENT every day, every hour, every step I do, every thinking, every breath. I need to be consistent.

Let’s see later how this goes.

PS: I need to re-read this in the future.

PS: Eclectic music is amazing 🎵 💀