The Labyrinth

This is a great movie just because I watched when I was a kid (4-5 years old?). I had nightmares with this one.

I don’t really enjoyed the whole story, but what kept me up watching this all afternoons were the visual effects, the creativity, the music. The story is Ok, its about a young girl that wants his brother back as a “dark prince” took with him all the way down to his magic castle. Weird monsters and creatures all over the path in a Labyrinth the main character (she) had to solve.

Let me show you my favorite scenes in pictures:

The labyrinth she has to solve
― The labyrinth she has to solve ―
First friend
― First friend ―
Random creatures and David Bowie
― Random creatures and David Bowie ―
Another more friend, Ludo
― Another more friend, Ludo ―
Creepy creatures
― Creepy creatures ―
More friends
― More friends ―
The war
― The war ―
Almost there!
― Almost there! ―

Really nice movie, cool scences. Although not for kids :D