Keeping it up!

I gotta be honest. I was not at my fullest this week.

I was back to procastinating everything again! 🤕

Annoying things like:

  • Being at computer until 3AM
  • Skipping Lunch?… well not anymore, but eating non-healthy food
  • Skipping reading (… a bunch of books actually)
  • Skipping the development of my own projects
  • Spending too much time on Social Networks
  • Not going for a run just because of the rain

It was like this since last week and I’ve been fighting with myself to avoid this, today I’m trying to catch-up all my activities, all my duties, all my responsabilities and objectives.

I’m feeling better now, but not in a way that I’m more relaxed but proud of doing what sometimes I hate or don’t want to do, I am on my way no.

Probably I can fallback again to procastination, I guess we are not inmune to our bad habits or what is highly dangerous to all of us confort zone.

Anyways, we will always find something in the way, the trick is to standup and keep moving forward.

Training at the gym after missing some classes!
― Training at the gym after missing some classes! ―

I hope you all have a great week, although I don’t know who read this lol 😆