Journey to Martial Arts

Its been around 3 months already training in Martial Arts, I’m really enjoying this. I started with Muay Thai, it was somewhat hard at the beginning for me as I didn’t practice marial arts in the right way before. I tried a little bit of Ninjutsu, Taekwondo, Karate but never commited more than one month to each…

Now I’ve been 3 months (or 4?) already on it and I really regret not being training from my 20s 😢, anyways, never is late I still have the opportunity to go and train no matter the age, although I don’t think I can do anything competitive… that is for young people that are on their 20s.

Thanks to Altitud MMA figh club in La Paz I started to train Muay Thai. Today I’m still training, but I’m also doing Boxing and Jiujitsu. It helps me to push my self to do more, to continue, to not take my hands and my guard down even if I’m really tired. It really takes me out of my comfort zone, it helped me to be focused, what other people call “Mindfulness”.

Here some pictures of my Journey:

I still need to improve my fighting skills, but overall I’m really proud of me that in those 3-4 months I have lost weight, 10Kg, without noticing it 😆.

I will still commit to it, I will push harder myself I really want to improve my fighting skills and I really want to have a mind trained to always move forward in live no matter what.