Improving Everyday

Hey yeah!

I’m loving difficult and challenging days. I’ve realized I had just few easy going and relaxing days in my life, I have noticed as well that most people have just few days of easy life, most people have many difficult days, most of us and yet we try to escape our own lives.

We should accept it, that is our nature, that is what we were born for. To accept live as it is, on its own terms, not ours. We as human can adapt to any situation, any environment, … if we want. I started to wake up 5am, now I’m going for 4.30am… even though at the beginning I still had the bad habit of picking my up cellphone the first thing in the morning, that is changing, it doesn’t have to be perfect from day one but I have TO WANT to be perfect, I need to have the ability to make it perfect.

Everyday I should wake-up to win the day against me, everyday I have to be ready for war even if I don’t harm anyone.

I have dreams, I have to stand for them every day, every single day I breath.

Crazy people say that we don’t need rest, we will rest when we die… maybe they are not that crazy after all.

Footage of running all the way up to Cota Cota, La Paz, Bolivia: