Family Bonds

All these weekends since last year were great.

I feel like me again, right next with my family, creating and sharing memories that will last forever. Not everything is sweet and warm though, we had to experiment difficulties and hard moments which is exactly what Life offer to us and we have to accept and embrace what life has for us all the good and the bad sides, no excuses, no tantrums 😆.

I’ve been also reading a bit bit more… I really wish I could dedicate more time to read more and discover hidden worlds. I’ve been also training at the martial arts gym and I’m making a reasonal progress.

Overall I cannot complain, I’m not that lazy anymore, I’m getting better and better everyday and I’m really proud of me. My road is a big one so I cannot just stop to think or get inspired, I need to keep walking with no rest, I need to keep walking looking only forward and appreciating the new gifts that live give us.

Nothing is easy I know, specially those dreams and objectives that are bigger than other ones, those are hard to get, those hurts in some way.

Keep it up my bro!