Eminem The Way I am

I really like this song, I used to listen it back when I was 16-17, back then I feelt down most of my days for different reasons, but what really bothered me was people talking about me “how I look like, how I walk, how my hair has a different color”. I really hated it, people talking about who my girlfriend is, how bad I’m in studies, how bad I am in computer games. I thought, hey, I’m not a weirdo, or am I?, I’m just like everyone else, not exactly the same, but no that different either.

What is wrong with me?, some how I felt alone myself. Most of the days I spent working at home on afternoons and sometimes just wasting time watching musical videos and then making my homework from 10-11pm til 2-4am, yeah, doing it at the last time. I was somehow not enjoying my life, I felt like trapped in a dark space where the time doesn’t exist. So then I’ve discovered this beautiful dark song from Eminem, The Way I Am.

Yes, I felt identified with it, well Eminem expressed his anger about how bad fame was for him and how media and press talked just bullshit stuff about him.

My point is, sometimes people like to criticize and they are not empathetic at all and even sometimes they are rude and mean, worst, they don’t even realize about it. People should just let other people live the way they are, everyone should care about themselves. But yeah, you can imagine, today is really impossible to have that living, with all these stupid Social Networks, now it is a normal thing to laugh at other people, it is normal to criticize other people on how they look like, how they dress, how they dance, how their body is, what they eat. Boy, things are getting worse and I still remembering how I used to feel myself when listening this song.

Here the musical video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8E3Dh-gfhM