Another trip to Coroico

This was an unplanned and cool travel to Coroico, initially I had a thought to go there but I wasn’t sure and it wasn’t confirmed until last minute.

So while driving this was my planning on my head:

  1. Truchas para el Almuerzo en Pongo (Lunch)
  2. Cascadas San Jancito y Felix (Afternoon)
  3. Tocaña (Next morning)
  4. Parque Leque (Next afternoon)

Right after the lunch I headed out to “Cascadas San Jacinto & Felix”, but it was 4.30pm already and Sun was hidding from the water, shadows made the place cold. My little brother get lost for a moment, he headed out climbing and walking up the mountain and he found two pools, not cleans, but ok.

Pool near Cascada San Jacinto
― Pool near Cascada San Jacinto ―
The Pool
― The Pool ―

That was it for that day, we slept in our favorite Hostal. Next morning we went Tocaña, I really wanted to see something interesting there, but all the people were resting, a day before it was the Town’s Party so everybody were at their houses.

Welcome sign
― Welcome sign ―
View from Tocaña Square
― View from Tocaña Square ―
Me enjoying the day
― Me enjoying the day ―
Me again
― Me again ―

After that, we headed out to Parque Leque, 20min from there. We arrived earlier and the sun was warming up the pools

Arriving early
― Arriving early ―
Waiting for the water to be warm
― Waiting for the water to be warm ―

The water was getting warm already so I just decided to get in there

After that afternoong, we decided to stop again at the Restaurant “La Tierra de Mi Pueblo”, the food is really delicious.

La tierra de Mi Pueblo
― La tierra de Mi Pueblo ―

It was a really nice weekend, I hope to come back again and visit the places I still need to know.