Darvein blog

Welcome to my personal blog!!1

A little bit about me…, I’m not a fluent-speaker person although I’m improving my social skills everyday. Anyways, here you have some things if you want to know me.

  • Nationality: Bolivian 🇧🇴
  • Fav music: Rock and Rap
  • Fav OS: Arch Linux 🐧
  • Movies: I prefer horror and sci-fi movies 📺

Some projects I work on

Project NameProject URLDescription
Nextbravehttps://www.nextbrave.com/DevOps Outsourcing Company
Revista Informáticahttps://www.revistainformatica.comSitio de noticias y novedades tecnológicas
TLDR for terminalhttps://github.com/nextbrave/nxSnippets navigator with FZF for terminal

This is Darvein

Me on my normal mode ;)
― Me on my normal mode ;) ―