English notes 🇺🇸

Resources to learn

Learn grammar: https://www.essentialenglish.review/apps/english-grammar-in-use-with-answers/


Daily routines for kids

Morning routine:

  • “Good morning! How did you sleep?”
  • “Are you ready to get up?”
  • “Let’s brush our teeth.”
  • “What do you want for breakfast?”
  • “Do you want milk or juice?”
  • “It’s time to get dressed.”


  • “What do you want to play with?”
  • “Can I play with you?”
  • “This is a toy car/doll/book.”
  • “Let’s clean up our toys.”

Meal times:

  • “Are you hungry?”
  • “It’s time for lunch/dinner.”
  • “Please wash your hands.”
  • “Do you want more?”
  • “That was delicious!”


  • “It’s time to take a bath.”
  • “Do you have your favorite toy/blanket?”
  • “Let’s read a story.”
  • “Goodnight, sweet dreams!”

Also, you might consider introducing some basic vocabulary and phrases like:

  • Introductions: “My name is…”, “I am 5 years old.”
  • Feelings: “I am happy/sad/tired.”
  • Polite phrases: “Please”, “Thank you”, “Sorry”, “You’re welcome.”