Other useful tools

Table of Content


My bash aliases

  • _s: Chatgpt3 + Azure cognitive search
  • _sc: Chatgpt3
  • _ddgr: Search on Duckduckgo, put 9 results on nvim buffers
  • _web: Get a web page and load it on nvim
  • _tvim: copy/paste current terminal buffer to nvim
  • _dbox_share: Share local file and get a Dropbox URL
  • _twitter: Search something on twitter (https://github.com/sferik/t)
  • _github: Search repos on github and sort by stars
  • _1p: Search items in 1p and get the secret value
  • _sbs: List dirs by size
  • -find-largest_file: yes
  • _aws_ec2_list: List ec instances on nvim
  • t2n: loads tmux pane text into nvim
  • t2t: loads tmux stdin into another window inside a nvim buffer



  • adb-sync-git: adb-sync tool to sync between phone and pc
  • cheat.sh: Tool to search code examples
  • cheat: cheat-bin via aur, a cheatsheet list of commands
  • zeal: desktop app to browse offline documentation of languages and frameworks
  • devdocs: GUI app to browse framekworks documentation
  • tldr tar: Shows up sample commands
  • howdoi: Sample commands
  • tree, gitree: List files in the directory
  • cloc: Count lines of code and filetypes
  • patat, glow: Render markdown on terminal


  • perl-image-exiftool: exiftool - tool that gets metadata from pdf and other files
  • whatweb: Identify http header responses
  • wpscan --url 'http://metapress.htb/': Wordpress scanner

More Arch packages

  • dropbox-cli: Dropbox API cli
  • translate-shell: trans tool for translations in command line
  • termdown: python tool, countdown in terminal
  • transmission-cli: torrents!
  • pirate-get: piratebay
  • flameshot: screenshots
  • kwin-bismuth: kde tiling window
  • scrcpy --tcpip=phone.work: Screen mirroring
  • googler, ddgr: Searches via cli
  • pip install shell-gpt: chatgpt in terminal interactive
  • pip3 install telegram-notification
  • t: https://github.com/sferik/t Twtiter client
  • xurls: App to extract urls from text
  • iw slack-desktop neovim tmuxinator usb_modeswitch tmux ranger the_silver_search nvidia
  • tempus-themes-kitty-git kitty-gruvbox-theme-git
  • noto-fonts-emoji noto-fonts-extra
  • wikit: wikipedia in terminal