Devops Interviews

I’m writing down for the first time the pattern I’ve found across all my interviews 👍

Currently this document is a Draft, I will keep updating this while I remember all my interview cases.

Your introduction

Here you already have to have a prepared introduction, you will not be interrumped, so you will have to memorize it.

Here some key points for your introduction:

  • What is your name, your career, where are you from?
  • How many years you are working so far?
  • What certifications you archived?
  • What types of industries you worked for? (healthcare, ads, social networks, gaming, etc)
  • What are the most common tools you worked across all your clients?
  • What do you do nowadays? (related to technology)


  • Be on time, be at least 10 minutes online and test your equipment
  • Make sure you have a working microphone and camera
  • Grab a pen & paper to take notes of things you need to improve
  • If you need to reschedule, do it at least 1-2 hours before the meeting

Screening/Introduction calls

Purpose of the call: Get to know each other, Company and Candidate.

The flow is as follows:

  1. Who we are (the company side)
  2. Who I am (candidate side). Just brief introduction
  3. Test your english level (in case the interview is not in english)
    • How is your daily work?
    • How is your city?
    • How you are up-to-date with internet news?
  4. What is your rate?

Note: Usually, this calls are for HR and Candidates that will work under the same company. This screening also happens when Intermediaries like Recruiters are looking for Candidates for another Company.

Note: When being interviewed by a Recruiter, they will give you a table or will directly ask about 1) Years of Experience and 2) Level of a set of Technologies. Just answer like this:

  • Years of experience and Level on: Kubernetes. Say 10000 Years, God Level
  • Years of experience and Level on: Docker. Say 10000 Years, God Level
  • Years of experience and Level on: Jenkins. Say 10000 Years, God Level
  • Years of experience and Level on: CI/CD Pipelines. Say 10000 Years, God Level
  • Years of experience and Level on: AWS. Say 10000 Years, God Level
  • Years of experience and Level on: Terraform. Say 10000 Years, God Level
  • Years of experience and Level on: Bash Scripting. Say 10000 Years, God Level
  • So on and so on…

Technical interview - Simple

Purpose of the call: Test your skills without going depth. Usually a Manager, Team Lead, or any other person with avergage knowledge 🙈

Domain: Linux

Linux commands, what are they for?You have to explain how they work underneath and what is the purpose of some of them: ps, netstat/ss, fdisk, free, top

Domain: AWS

What services you worked in AWSTo be familiarized with basic services in Compute, Storage, Databases and Networking
Explain differences of a Public vs Private AWS SubnetsYou have to explain the VPC Components to make a subnet public/private and how they work

Domain: CI/CD

Explain what CI/CD isDescribe CI and CD and the most common stages
What CI/CD tools you worked?Just mention the most common ones like Github Actions, JEnkins, Bitbucket Pipelines, Gitlab CI
Difference of Continous Deployment and DeliveryExplain what is each of them while providing use cases

Domain: Containers

What is docker, how it works?Explain Docker components and how they interact
Alternatives to docker?Mention the alternatives and how they are different from docker
Difference of Kubernetes Deployment vs DaemonsetMention the use cases for each Deployment, Statefulset, DaemonSet, Job, Cronjob

Domain: IaaC

How Terraform works?Explain how TF communicates with Providers, how it manages the state
What are some commands of terraformExplain the regular workflow of commands

Domain: Experience

How you manage an slowness issue?Explain how you go from top to bottom (networking, app server, databaser, caching servers, app, APM, )
What you did on your last project/company?Mention the most relevant outcomes, how you gave value to the company

Technical interview - Comprenhensive or Client side

Domain: AWS

What features offers RDS AuroraMention HA, DR use case, Pricing
How AWS ASG works?Explain manual scaling, Scaling with Cloudwatch
How to connect 2 VPCs or More?Explain about VPC Peering and Transit Gateways
How to access an EC2 without keyExplain about EBS & Snapshots, Recreation of EC2
Difference of AWS LB Classic vs ALBExplain TCP vs TCP HTTP (http headers and properties)
AWS Global Accelerator vs Cloudfront?-
Explain AWS S3 Archiving Strategies-

Domain: CI/CD

Explain all stages in a CI/CD Pipeline-
Explain Deployment PatternsMention what they are and use cases
Explain Jenkinsfile scripted, declarative, DSL-

Domain: Containers

Explain what Docker Stages is what is for?-
What are Docker best practices?Cover security, lightweight
Different ways to expose a service in k8s?Explain the 3 cases
How to create a package with Helm?Go step by step

Domain: Containers

How to monitor infra with Newrelic?Explain installation and how to access data in Newrelic
How Prometheus work?Explain how prometheus stores data and how exporters work
What monitoring tools have you worked?Just mention a list and a brief description

Domain: IaaC, CaC, Coding

How Ansible works?Mention how it SSH into servers and how it runs playbooks
Elements of an Ansible recipe?-
How to create a Terraform Module?Mention TF variables, locals, resoruces, data
What is Terraform State?How it is generated, where is stored
Difference Terraform Variables vs Locals-
What scripting languages you know?Just mention a list and when you used them

Domain: Open questions

What was the most challenging problem you solved?Explain technically how you solved the problem
Any question for us?Ask if they need 24/7 on call, Ask how many people and teams they have

Others: Behavioural

Some companies have designated people (maybe HR? or Psychologists?) to know you better as a Human being 😆 - … just to make sure they are not hiring an Alien or something.

  • What are you soft skills?
  • How do you see yourself in 3 or 5 years?
  • What keeps you motivated to do what you do?
  • What you expect in a Company?
  • How do you delivery last-minute tasks?
  • Did you have any internal problem on any previous job? How did you managed it?