AWS Storage Gateway

An AWS service that allows on-premise network to direct connect with AWS (via AWS Direct Connect) and store data on different services, s3 or glacier.


  • It is runs a VM that can run on a VMWare/Hypervisor
  • Provides local storage backed by S3/Glacier
  • Used by DR environments
  • Used by Cloud Migrations


  • NFS (File Gateway)
    • Can be stored on S3 via NFS/SMB
    • Ownership, permissions and timestamps are preserved in s3 obj meta-data
    • Supports native objects functionality (lifecycle, cross-region replication, etc)
  • iSCSI (volumes gateway, non flat, block-based storage): for Operating Systems, DB engines.
    • It is stored in AWS EBS
    • Backups are incremental, only changed blocks are captured
    • Stored volumes: This are backed up to S3 from on-prem to S3 as multi-part uploads (1Gb-16TB). No AWS EBS.
    • Cached volumes: Data is captured from on-premises to EBS and finally to S3 (1Gb-32TB).
  • VTL (tape gateway): archiving and/or backup solution.


  • File gateway
    • Stored in S3 via NFS or SMB
  • Volume Gateway Stored Mode (Gateway-stored volumes)
    • iSCSI storage
    • Async replication from on-prem data to S3
  • Volume Gateway Cached Mode
    • iSCSIS storage
    • Cached in AWS S3
  • Tape Gateway
    • iSCSI interface
    • Tabe Library with exsting backup software (VTL)