• Global AWS service
  • Supports public and private Hosted zones
  • Initial limit of 50 domain registration only

Routing policies

it basically supports:

  • simple routing
    • Records that routes to something: MX, A, CNAME, TXT, etc.
  • weighted routing
    • basically splits traffic between targets based on a weight number (0-100)
  • latency-based routing
    • route53 automatically routes based on the origin’s response latency (ec2 or lb)
  • failover routing
    • a route53 healthcheck setup is needed
    • works for DR environments
    • two record sets is nedded, one primary and the other secundary
  • geolocation routing
    • based on the client’s region geolocation
    • region locations has has to manually be configured in route53
  • geoproximity
    • based on the geolocation of the aws resources
  • multivalue answer routing
    • basically multivalue servers to server a specific A dns record