AWS Kinesis

Service for high support streaming data from different sources (games, amazon purchaces, stock pirces, etc)


  • 3 kinesis: Streams, Firehose and Analytics
  • producers (ec2, mobiles, computers, IoT devs)
  • consumers (ec2 instances, redshift, elasticsearch)

Kinesis Streams

  • data producers -> kinesis streams (stored 24h-7days) in shards -> data consumers -> storage
  • the capacity is measured by the number of shards

Kinesis Firehose

  • data producers -> kinesis firehose (not need for data consumers nor shards) -> s3 -> data consumers
  • data is not stored, it gets deleted as soon is proceesed by firehose

Kinesis Analytics

  • data procucers -> kinesis analytics -> data consumers (s3, redshift, es)
  • fast sql over the data