AWS Basic and Essential Roadmap

Some references:



  • AWS AMIs (features Amazon Linux AMI vs Ubuntu AMIs)
    • How to find AMIs
    • AMI Types
  • How to create AMI?
  • How to purchase and sell an AMI
  • Sharing AMIs

Instance Types

  • Type of instances
  • Pricing Models or Purchase options
  • How to connect to an EC2 (windows, linux)?
    • linux: SSH Daemon, SSM
    • windows: RDP

Storage (EBS)

  • EBS Volumes
    • What is it?
    • Types
    • Attach a vol to an instance (linux)
  • EBS Snapshots
    • What is it?
      • Archive Tier (saves costs)?
    • How to create a snapshot?
    • Share an snapshot
    • EBS Monitoring
    • Others: S3, EFS, FSX

Auto-scaling (ALBs, TGs, SGs)

  • ALB: Types of load balancer and its differences
    • ALB: What is a Target Group, what are its properties?
  • ASG: What are Launch Templates and Launch Configurations?
  • ASG: How to create an Autoscaling group?
  • ASG: What are the different ways to scale an ASG?
  • ASG: What are Warm Pools?

Networking (?)

  • Differences between private ip and public ip
    • Difference between EIP and Auto-assigned public ip
  • How DHCP and DNS work?
  • What is an AWS Region and a Zone??
  • Network Interfaces: ENI, ENA, EFA

Security (?)

  • What is and How to use an IAM Role in EC2?
  • SG: How different are Security Groups vs Network ACLs (nacl)?
  • Key Pairs and usage (linux, windows) (?)
  • What are AWS Shield and AWS WAF?
  • How AWS KMS works for EBS?