Staring into the singularity 1.2.5 by Eliezer Yudkowsky (article)


This article talks about what is the Singularity in technology and how inevitable it is. Given the common sense of math and human evolution, we should reach a point where Artificial Intelligence, Augemented Intelligence or Superintelligent humans (neuron-to-sillicon interfaces) will exist and will enhance themselfs better than ourselves.

It talks about definitions of Smartness and Perceptual Transcends which is basically based on our experience and general knowledge on what we understand our current reality.

It talks about:

  • artificial intelligence
  • augmented intelligence
  • nanotechnology

Keywords to research clarify:

  • Kasparov:
    • Chess GrandMaster player
    • Later surpassed by Magnus
    • Defeated by IBM’s Deep Blue machine twice (1996, 1997)
  • Transcendent entities: Entities that can exist beyond our understandings
  • Semantic primitives: Set of words that have no possible way to have multiple meaning, like life or death
  • Ontotechnology: tech that allows manipulation of fundamental rules of reality
  • Utopia: imaginary community with perfect qualities of its members
  • Transhumanists, extropians: People that belives and have faith to frameworks (tech) that evolves a human
  • Fernat last theorem, goldbach conjecture, riemann hypth: Unsolved math problems, they are known to be just Conjetures today
  • Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious: Mind states
  • Visual cortex: Processor of visual information relayed from retinas
  • Conscious experience. Qualia: First person of a mental event like memory, emotion, idea, modd, sensorial input
  • Cognitive structures: Mental pattern used to process any information
    • Make connections
    • Find patterns & relationships
    • Formulate rules
    • Abstracting principles
  • Shakespeare work: Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, Othello, The Tempest, Rome and Juliet
  • Hunter-gathered person: Person that gathers food from nature by Foraging, they eat insects, get honey, bird eggs, kill wild animals
  • Knwoledge vs intelligence: Knowledge collection of skills and info from experience. Intelligence is the ability to apply knowledge
  • Principle of mediocrity: There is nothing special about “something”, for example our planet or our solar system. There can be more planets like earth with superintelligent entities.

TODO: Research

  • Nanotechnology research, nanomedicine
  • IBM blue gene, petaflops
  • Protein folding problem
  • 2035 singularity
  • Artificial atom in molecular nanotech
  • Moores law: amazing constancy
  • Dr hans moravec: moravec transfer (mind children book)
  • Mitchell porter, the race superweapons and superintellig
  • Rat race, meaning of live
  • Subjective experience
  • Coding a transhuman AI 2.0 (reading)
  • Principle of intelligence
  • The singularity is near (book)
  • Deep blue
  • Lord kelvin, arietotle, neanderthal
  • Information theory
  • Flowers of algernon, movie
  • Dna sequences, arbitrary proteins