Atomic Habits

tiny changes make a big difference

  • the quality of our lives depend on the quality of our habits

  • to write a great book you have to become the book

  • results doesn’t come quickly, habits are dismissed bcoz of that

  • small changes can really impact in the future for good or bad

  • pay attention to your life trajectory no that much on the results

  • in order to see results persistence is needed

  • forget about goals focus on systems instead, goals are the results and system is the process.

    1. Winners and losers have the same goals
    1. Archiving a goal is momentary change
    1. Goals restrict your happiness. Success is not happiness failure is ok
    1. Goals are odds with long-term progress
  • changing the outcomes, changing the process, changing identify. Get, do and believe

  • believe drives actions

  • start with believes and identity before defining goals and the habits

  • the goal is not get something, the goal is to become something

  • habits and believes cannot be in conflict

  • progress requieres unlearning

  • You accumalte evidence (habits, actions) which later shapes your identity, day by day, habits by habit

  • who you are, what you do

  • bad habits happen,you can’t be perfect. it’s like voting, majority wins

  • what a ZZZ person would do to get ZZZ?, Become thelat type of person, not to get particular outcome

  • habits are brain shortcuts from experience

  • good habits for finance, health

  • cue, graving, response and reward. Is how habits work

  • cue is linked to desire

  • brain is a reward detector

  • cue obvious, craving attractive, response easy, reward satisfying. Laws. To break bad habits invert them

make it obvious

  • habits can become unconscious
  • make unconscious conscious
  • point and call to help be conscious, self awareness
  • time and location defines a clue
  • being specific and have a plan already before head makes habits simplier and effective
  • ditero effect, much people decides after what they just did. Chain on habits. Habit stacking. One habit triggers another
  • environment affects planning on habits, shapes behaviour