Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad


Aprender contabilidad Educación fundamento profundo para flexibilidad

Rules: Saber asset vs lialabilities: asset richs, liability poors

Chap3 Focus on assets rather than income No debts no credit cards

Chap4 Capitaliam vs government socialists Gobernment, employes, and banks take a big share With no knowledge power the world pushes you around More employees to get more assetsp

Accounting skill Investing Understand market The lawsuits, protect assets

Corps: earn, spend, taxes Empl: earn, taxes, spend

Tax advantages: Corp expend all it can and pay few taxes on what is left Protection from

Chap5 Guts, tenacity, for investing, courage Game gaves customized feedback like real-life Finantial intelligemce is to have more options Brain the most powerful assesr Outside crisis is the perfect time condition?

Chap7: overcoming obstacles reasons not to have financial skills and getting assets: fear, cynicism, laziness, bad habits, arrogance FEARS How you handle failure, fear I’ve never met a rich person who has lost money Everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die Failure inspire wining Focus, dont’ balance CYNISIM we all have doubts and we stay with what is safe Instead of critize, analyze and find opportunities LAZYINESS Busy people is the more lazy, they get distracted with more work to ignore problems “How can I afford it” in order to get something, no “I can’t afford it” Today people feel guilty for desires or greed. They were conditioned from childhood Be a little greedy for lazyiness cure, just a little BAD HABITS Pay myself first, then gov, taxes, etc Tax collectors, bills and others pushes me around because I don’t have good money baits ARROGANCE what I know makes me money, and what i dont know makes me lose money

Chap8: getting started People think study career to get money Earn money otherwise borrow it There is gold everywhere people is not trained to see it Reasons and love. Deep emotions are the motivators Invest in education, brain, go seminars, courses Power of leaning quickly Pay yourself first, don’t get into debts Master personal self discipline Pay your brokers well Management people Convert earned income to portfolio or pasive income

Ideas how to get money working hard for you History of taxes Financial skills Money making money Types of income Technical investing