Devops Handbook

Book: devops handbook notes

  • Velocity conference materials


  • Developers: respond to rapid market change
  • IT Ops: protects prod envs having stable, secure and reliable envs
  • Book to read: the mythical man-month
  • Lean manfuctaring principles
  • Book: the goal: a process of ongoing improvement

Three ways devops

  • Flow: CI/CD smooth
  • Feedback
  • Learning experiments


Problem: misaligned internal goals

  • Developers: respond to the rapidly changing competitive landscape
  • It: provide stable, reliable and secure service to the customer Which causes daily workaround, firefighting on different areas PM, Development. QA, IT, devops and information security.

the three Downwars spiral

  1. Daily issues due to application, complex infra and poor documentation. No time to fix those “TODO/for latter” issues. The most important systems are the most prone to fail and most urgent changes have to go there.
  2. Business people promising imposibles to sales and developers have to work hard pushing small fixes for later and creating tech debt.
  3. Bottlenecks everywhere: slow communication, dependencies, deployments, slow respond to market changes.

IT fails = entire organization fails


Clarify items

  • what has to be as part of CI
  • what feedback is expected on CI CD
  • what channels of CI CD feedback
  • how long a CI should be



Chapter 1: Introduction

  • agile, CD and the three ways

  • three ways: flow, feedback and learning

  • value stream

  • deployment lead time

    • deployment must be predictable
    • small batches of code to build and deploy as soon as possible
    • avoid long-lived feature branches
  • way 1: flow

    • build, Integration, test and deployment processes
    • environments on demand
    • limit WIP
    • easy to maintain
  • way 2:

    • quick feedback
    • rapid problem detection
  • way 3:

    • cultural high trust
    • experimentation and risk taking
    • sharing knowledge and learn
  • easy to maintain

  • lean principles

  • agile manifesto

  • velocity conference

  • book: continuos delivery by jezz humble